Inspired by history. Designed for the future. Made for you.

Since 2019, Campos Protech USA has been revolutionizing the way the world thinks about fashion. Our clothing integrates wellness technology and high-end, recyclable materials to offer stylish solutions for the fashion-forward, health-conscious, and eco-friendly. Whether you need to soothe post-workout aches, relieve workday anxiety, or alleviate pain and inflammation, our mission is to help you look great and feel better.

Fashion at the intersection of wellness, technology, and sustainability.

Campos Protech USA is designed with your wellness in mind, from taking care of your health through wellness technology to protecting the planet with eco-conscious manufacturing.


    UV-resistant fabrics to offer stylish, chemical-free solutions for sun safety


    Clothing infused with the healing properties of 100% essential oils


    Fabrics designed to protect the skin from mold, mildew, bacteria, and more.


    Integrating heating and cooling technology to reduce pain and inflammation


    Materials designed for life—breathable, durable, and high-caliber recyclable or organic cotton  fabrics

Our Environmental Commitment: Good for You. Great for the Planet

We’ve seen the terrible impacts fast fashion has had—landfills piled high with discarded clothes, rivers poisoned by fabric dyes, garment workers exploited for low-cost labor. We’re doing our part to make fashion better for everyone. We’ve carefully selected manufacturers who treat garment workers fairly and prioritize earth-friendly practices. And we've said no to low-quality plastics and opted for high-end recyclable materials and organic cotton fabrics that are better for our planet—and you!


    We choose high-quality fabrics, design, and manufacturing for clothing that’s made to last.


    Every piece of apparel we make is designed to support your physical health and mental wellbeing.


    We’re committed to reducing the carbon footprint of fashion with recyclable fabrics and closed-loop manufacturing.


    We will always dare to challenge the status quo to give you the best of fashion, tech, and wellness. 

Ida Chavez

Meet our Founder, Ida Chavez

Fashion is in our founder’s blood. As a little girl, Ida watched her mother and grandmother transform silks, lace, and embroidered fabric into wearable art. Tech has been with Ida since childhood too. From the family desktop to her first iPod, technology has always been a source of joy and stimulation for Ida. Those passions for fashion and tech became the blueprint for Campos Protech USA. 

Following her passions for tech and fashion, Ida enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. It was there that she discovered the social and environmental ills of fast fashion and the untapped potential of technology in the fashion world. Ida founded Campos Protech USA with a mission to pioneer a shift in the industry with a fashion brand that brings wellness, technology, and sustainability together.